Green Coffee Beans


Honduras – La Navi


This fully washed, patio dried coffee is a blend of Lempira, Red Catuaí, Bourbon, Pacas and IHCAFE 90 varieties grown at altitudes ranging from 1,400 to 1,750 m. It is composed of small lots from producers Emiliano Reyes (El Cungual), Mariano de Jesús Ramírez (Quezaquire), Kellton Obed Urrutia Trejo (Las Minas), José Lázaro Pacheco Serrano (La Chorrera), and Juan Pascual (El Ocotal).

Flavor Profile: Toffee, almond, pear, grape.

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La Navi

Premium green coffee beans grown and harvested by farmer cooperatives.

Harvest Season: 2022/23
Growing Altitude: >1400m
Coffee Grade: HND CA WA SHG

Bag Weight: 69 kg


$7,857.00 | Pallet

552 kg (1,216.95 lbs)

$14.23 | kg

Delivered At Place (DAP) – Incoterm



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