Green Coffee Beans


Guatemala Huehuetenango Green Coffee Beans


Agricola Huitz Matig, a family farm, offers the best gourmet quality coffee, rich with an intense aroma, overflowing in flavor and full well balanced body.

Flavor Profile: Sugar browning, caramel, fruit, sweet, apricot, chocolate, orange.

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Huehuetenango - Finca El Peñón Huitz Matig

Premium green coffee beans grown and harvested by farmer cooperatives.

Harvest Season: 2022/23
Growing Altitude: >1600m
Coffee Grade: GTM CA WA SHB
Species: Arabica

Bag Weight: 69 kg


$8,426.00 | Pallet

552 kg (1,216.95 lbs)

$15.26 | kg

Delivered At Place (DAP) – Incoterm



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